About Stefanie

Stefanie is just a little redneck from the countryside outside of Kamloops, BC. Growing up, bare feet, and messy hair, and still, here she is. Learning to love herself has been the most challenging and most rewarding journeys she has every been on. The journey continues on. She loves art and dancing, transforming energy with her body. Leaning into trust, stepping into fears, and growing and learning, everyday. It’s a process. A process of undoing, untying, unveiling and unraveling.  Knowing the deepest dream we have is to love ourselves completely and unconditionally. She is honored and extremely grateful to have these opportunities to help others to realize their truth, as she realizes hers.


It doesn’t matter if you are taking one of her profound & playful yoga classes, deeply nurturing energy healing sessions, or sit beside her on a cosmic journey through one of her ceremonies, she will always be there with joy, openness and care. In this space, all healing is possible.

Stefanie’s Training

Stefanie has many years experience in yoga, energy healing, shamanism, and the art of self love.

Stefanie has traveled across the globe teaching and learning yoga. She took her first 200hr Yoga Training with Vikasa Yoga in 2013. This started her love for finding more, growing more, and learning more. She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Ecstatic Yoga Teacher. She has received a 50hr Vinyasa Yoga Certificate, and spent a month learning Tribal Tantra in Thailand. In 2018, she followed her heart to Hawaii, and completed a 200hr Shamanic Medicine Woman’s Yoga Training. This past year things shifted a bit and she started co-facilitated YTT’s in Hawaii, Costa Rica and Panama.

Stefanie spent four years in the Advanced Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara College and graduated in 2017. This 700hr program included an internship, clinics, and case studies. Learning tools and techniques to bring safety back into the body. Learning to ground, center and align to help old emotions process. She learned about the human energy field, the chakras, how trauma is held in the body, and how to communicate with body to heal and integrate trauma.

Stefanie has sat with many Medicine circles and ceremonies. She is very in tune with group Energy and knows where she is needed and what is needed at any given time.

She is planning on leading yoga trainings and building her Self Love Empire, one heart at a time, starting with hers.

“Unravel yourself in the most beautiful way you could ever imagine”


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Open your heart! Connect to your body!

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Stefanie has a very special approach when it comes to healing. She includes shamanic practices, energy healing, art and, garden therapy, expression, affirmation, curiosity, play, nurturing, and love. She believes that with patience, compassion, and gentleness blocks can shift, trauma can integrate, and we can heal. If you ever felt unsafe, Stefanie has a message for you.. Your heart is safe here. In a session we work with releasing fear and self doubt, healing childhood wounds, integrating trauma, promoting relaxation, and releasing stress. When we tune in and relax the body, healing can take place. It’s time to live the life of your dreams. Let Stefanie guide you into the most beautiful beginning, starting with your own heart. Whatever healing you are looking for , body, mind, spirit; this is a great place to start.

Who could benefit from energy healing?

Anyone who feels.. 

Blocked? Stuck? Tired? Unmotivated? Ungrounded? Overwhelmed? Disconnected? Lost? Bored? Negative?   

And instead you want to feel… 

Joy. Happiness. Curiosity. Acceptance. Connected. Open. Empowered. Vibrant. Freedom. Excited. Alive. Creative. Inspired. Full of wonder.   Find you power. Reclaim your life. Love yourself.  Come back to your heart. Follow your dreams. This is what life is all about.  Stefanie will guide you to opening yourself to limitless self love and possibilities.   If not now? When?

Stefanie is ridiculously passionate about teaching yoga. A very inspiring and wild teacher. She teaches us how to become human again, how to bring life back into life, and enjoy the ride. She channels words from the sacred, most coziest places. Each class is intuitively guided, making sure everyone gets what they need. Dance, art, relaxation, release, surrender, nourishment, play, silliness; this is ALL yoga.

Stefanie’s dynamic, and freeing class shows you, you can just let it go and be happy. Break down the walls and let the love in. It’s about time 🙂 I am here to empower you to love your body, claim your birthright, and be the  BOSS of your life.” -Stef

Two hour? Three hour? All day? Micro empowerment workshop? Whatever you need. I’ve got it here. I will custom tailor a workshop to meet your groups need.. Bachelorette? Boring staff party? Work retreat? Friends getaway? Birthday party? (Please hire me for your birthday celebration! I can create a theme to make it fun!  Or to set the mood, add special touches to make everyone feel special and relaxed. Ideas for workshops:

  • Somatic Healing
  • Weird. Wild. Wonderful. Unlock your Creative Expression!
  • Healing the inner child
  • Open your heart
  • Tune in to your Intuition
  • Relax, Rest, Reset
  • Reclaim the Wild!

You will leave feeling refreshed, and rejuvenated. And have tools and tips to lead a wonderful life 🙂

**All workshops including energy healing.**


Similar to Workshops, but you get ALL weekend with me!

**Stay tuned for weekend Retreats.**

Want to go deeper into yourself? Into yoga? I am a facilitator of 200hr yoga trainings.. so imagine so many days with me.. healing ancestral trauma, learning about emotions and how to process them, the art of Self Love, unlocking creativity, your gifts, your power, etc. Going deeper into your yoga practice, learning about the postures and alignment. Learn how to hold space, be grounded into who you are as a teacher, and letting yourself shine.

“You are the medicine.”

Connecting with plants to help us awaken cosmic wisdom and magic within us. You’re in for a deeply healing treat if you join me for one of my ceremonies.

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